CHIHUA-L Photo Gallery, The New Bits

New photos here. For new captions, etc., you'll have to scan the whole chihuahua.

You can also view a jpeg of the first page of the Chihuahua paper photo gallery, if your browser decodes jpegs.
Dinky Dinky.
Ginger Poo
Katie Katie, take 2
Ginger knows the uses of a new feather pillow on a snowy day!
Poo: "If they can't find me, they can't put me out!"

Katie, sunbathing glamour girl.
Katie, take 2, relaxing in front of the TV at night.
Misty and Lucky
Lucky and Misty
Misty sleeping, and Lucky cuddled next to her. Misty, aka Miss Piggy or Chubs, is 12 weeks old.

Lucky Legend, on the left, stretching (6 months old).
Misty Gold, on the right, watching the camera (12 weeks old).

Both pictures December 1995.

Gladys, Poo & Clancy Gladys, Poo and Clancy, February 1996.
Tito Tito, take 2 Tito on porch Tito with tiger slippers The fashionable and ferocious Tito.

The Brad Pack

Bonnie Bonnie.
Jessel Jessel.
Jazlyn, Kimmie and Jessel Jazlyn, Kimmie and Jessel.
Kimmie Kimmie. (And Brad?)
Kimmie and Jazlyn Kimmie and Jazlyn.
Kimmie Kimmie.
Lucy, Minnie and Mia Lucy, Minnie and Mia. ©Valerie Massey 1995. #620-4. 510.655.0805.
Nella Nella.
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