Greenmarket at Union Square

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This was a box of gourds being sold for Halloween decorations. The pinhole camera was setup right at the front of the box pointing towards the back. The black and white image was taken with Kodak TMAX 100 film in Readyload form and this is a scan of a 8x10 print. The color image was taken with Type 79 (now Polacolor Pro 100) film.

I don't particularly like the color shift that I get from Type 79. I find that even when used with a lens Type 79 has a strange color cast, and the colors shift while the print dries. So much for quick color proofs.

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This was a wine and preserves merchant at the northeast corner of the Greenmarket. The gourds pictured above were in the stand right next to this one, and about where the tripod is set up to take this shot.

The second image is a new scan of the wine merchant from the original 4x5 negative using my Artec Scanrom 4e scanner. The image was lightly manipulated with The Gimp (grayscale, rotate 90 degrees, invert, equalize) and scaled to almost match the size of the scan of the 8x10 print.

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