A Tour of Panix Through a Pinhole

This set of pictures were taken with a Lensless Camera Manufacturing Company pinhole camera. This is a 4x5 camera with the equivalent of a 75mm f/228 lens. These are a bit under exposed because I thought the pinhole was f/181. The pictures were taken on Polaroid Type 53 film (ASA 800) using a Polaroid 545i holder. I now have access to a HP Deskscan 3c, so these scans are much better.

Pinhole Comparison

This set of images were taken as part of a large format class in order to compare the quality of images taken with a pinhole to those take with a lens. The camera used was a Calumet 45N, and the film was Polaroid Type 55.

Greenmarket at Union Square

These are a few pinhole images from the Greenmarket at Union Sqaure taken during Fall 1995.

Panix Picnic

These are images from a recent Panix Picnic.

Stereo Views

A 3D stereo view taken from the Empire State Building.

Midtown Views

Views from around my office in the Empire State Building.

Pinhole Exposure Determination

How I determine the exposure for these pictures.
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