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SoFoBoMo 2017 Doorways to The American Wing

2018-01-30 01:30:49, by Brian Reynolds <>

Doorways to The American Wing

Doorways to The American Wing is my 2017 Solo Photo Book Month project. 2017 was a weird year. The SoFoBoMo fuzzy month spanned December 2017 and January 2018. This means the next SoFoBoMo fuzzy month will be January and February 2019, skipping 2018.

This year I wandered The American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I concentrated on the doorways framing the artwork.

I'm still using last years version of Photos for macOS.

SoFoBoMo 2016 Three Bridges

2016-12-23 23:40:58, by Brian Reynolds <>

Three Bridges

Three Bridges is my 2016 Solo Photo Book Month project.

This year I spent time walking across the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges. Each of the bridges has a different flavor, and the neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan, Chinatown, the Lower East Side, DUMBO, and Williamsburg are quite different.

A careful examination of the photo above reveals all three bridges.

This year's version of Photos for macOS has actually been pretty good. The addition of Extensions greatly improves its image processing capabilities, although book layout still has some kinks to be worked out.

Vroom Vroom

2016-08-10 16:04:14, by Brian Reynolds <>

Vroom Vroom

Here is the number 4 car of Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin charging through the competition at Lime Rock Park to give Corvette Racing their 100th victory.

The photo was taken with my Pentax K-5 and smc PENTAX-D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro lens.

Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II

2016-08-10 15:55:17, by Brian Reynolds <>

Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II

We found an Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II while walking through the midway during the sports car race. This is one of my father's favorite sports cars.

The photo was taken with my Pentax K-5 and smc PENTAX-D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro lens.

Afternoon in the Park

2016-08-10 15:46:41, by Brian Reynolds <>

Afternoon in the Park

A pleasant afternoon at Lime Rock Park spent watching the IMSA sports car races. Here we are on the hill over looking the exit to Big Bend (Turns 1 and 2) and the entrance to The Esses as some of the GTLM and GTD (GT3 in the rest of the world) cars come through.

The photo was taken with my Pentax K-5 and smc PENTAX-D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro lens.

Leica IIIc

2015-12-18 02:12:52, by Brian Reynolds <>

Leica IIIc

Back in October my Mother-in-Law gave me her father's Leica IIIc. He had bought it in Greenland while he was there working for the U.S. Army after World War II.

The 50mm f/2 Summitar is pretty stiff, and I wasn't quite sure what I had, so I brought it along with me to Photo Plus Expo. This photo shows the Leica IIIc with its newer relatives beneath it in the display case.

The photo was taken with my Pentax K1000 SE and Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4 lens on Kodak T-Max 400 film.

SoFoBoMo Index

2015-12-17 23:31:05, by Brian Reynolds <>

SoFoBoMo was started in 2008 by Paul Butzi. The idea is to shoot, process, edit, layout, and publish a photo book of at least 35 photos in a month. The intent was to get photographers to work to finish a project.

Although I started a project in 2008, I didn't complete my first SoFoBoMo project until 2009.

This page serves as a gathering point for all my SoFoBoMo books.

2009 NYC Street Bikes

2010 Street Fixtures

2011 Lunch Carts

2012 Fire Hydrants

2013 Federal Hall

2014 World Maker Faire

2015 Vacation NYC

2015 Playground

2016 Three Bridges

2017 Doorways to The American Wing

SoFoBoMo 2015 Part II Playground

2015-11-30 23:53:55, by Brian Reynolds <>


Playground, is my second Solo Photo Book Month project this year. Back in August I made my Vacation NYC SoFoBoMo book earlier than planned because there was another website that was trying to revive the SoFoBoMo project. I felt that book was rushed, and although I like the photos they are a bit disjointed.

I decided to do another book during the time I had originally planned to do my annual SoFoBoMo project.

This book shows the playground that my girls grew up in. I shot it using a Pentax K1000 SE on Kodak Professional T-MAX 400 film.

Even after only a few months I had forgotten a lot of what Photos for Mac expects you to do when making books. I still really miss the organization and editing features from Aperture.

SoFoBoMo 2015 Vacation NYC

2015-08-31 23:46:49, by Brian Reynolds <>

Vacation NYC

Vacation NYC, is my 2015 Solo Photo Book Month project.

This book shows a week spent seeing various sights in and around New York City. Living in NYC we don't often get around to see some of these places. I shot it using an Apple iPod Touch 5th generation.

I'm doing this book early this year because there is an effort to get SoFoBoMo going again online. You can also find my book at Vacation NYC.

In some ways Photos has turned out better than Aperture for making books, but I really miss the organization and editing features.

Monthly Photo Assignment: Goodbye

2015-04-08 16:24:53, by Brian Reynolds <>


The February 2015 Photo Assignment over at The Digital Story was "Goodbye".

After nine years of running the monthly Photo Assignment Derick Story has decided to bring it to an end. I participated in 42 Photo Assignments (not counting this one) over the past seven years. During that time I was featured on Derrick's blog four times.

This entry shows prints of the selected entries from all those assignments, along with some of the equipment used, and the Sizzlpix I won for my entry in the March 2012 "Eyes" assignment.

It was shot with my wife's Pentax MX-1.

I had a lot of fun, and improved my photography, working on the Photo Assignments. I look forward to Derrick's monthly themes over on the Digital Story Flickr Group. I might even join Flickr!