April 3, 1998

After a few conversations with the people at Anthology Film Archives today, I found out that, contrary to what I'd believed, they too have only one projector in their 200-seat theater, and splice reels together to avoid reel change breaks.  So there isn't much advantage to moving the screening away from AMMI.  I called a few other screening rooms: Magno has a room with two projectors, but it holds only 60 or 70 people; Tribeca has one 16mm projector and stops the film between reels.  Without having enough evidence, I'm starting to get the feeling that the huge-reel method is a low-end way of getting by with one projector, and that the two-projector changeover method is classier.  If I decide that $400 is too much to pay for a screening with pauses between reels, then my only options are renting a much smaller room for more money, or waiting a few months until I can make a new print with sound pull-ups, and let AMMI put splices in it.  I suspect I'll go ahead with the AMMI screening, but I'm going to ponder the issue over the weekend.

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