August 12, 1996

Robin and I have to make a sticky decision at the beginning of the editing phase. It turns out that one of the codes on our video dailies--the key code, which identifies the celluloid frame that we are seeing on the video print--is intrinsically inaccurate, and we can't make it accurate without switching to another lab and redoing the dailies, at great expense. We have two practical choices: switch now to a method that doesn't need the key codes, which will cost us at least $500 more; or use the key codes and take our chances that we can correct for the inaccuracy. There's a good chance that the editing we do with the key codes will be fine despite the lab problem, but if we fail we're likely to run into thousands of dollars of expense later, because even a frame or two of error will require a new audio mix and optical track. After a chat, Robin and I decided to take our chances with the key code method. I'm feeling reckless these days, and I haven't got a lot of money to throw around.

Pardon me for inserting a personal message here, but: if you are reading this, Bill Reed, the phone number you left on my answering machine didn't work, and I can't find a way to reach you. Please call me again or write me at

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