August 14, 1996

The lab did a bit of research on the missing footage from the oral sex scene (see the August 2 entry), and it looks as if the footage we need was never even photographed: apparently the camera rolled out of film without our noticing. Originally this possibility seemed very unlikely to us (a rollout is noisy), but the evidence seems unambiguous. Oh, well.

Edith came in today to see some of the dailies. Like a lot of actors, she hates to watch herself on screen, but the absence of sound eased the pain, and she was pleased with the way she was lit. She and I talked about the difficulties of adjusting to life after the shoot. For her, work made her feel efficient and grounded, and she feels neurosis creeping back as she resumes civilian life. For me, it's the other way around: the efficiency of the shoot was connected to my letting my neurotic anxiety run free, and now I feel stuck with a more neurotic self-image than I had before the film.

We're still waiting to get started on the editing--Robin's studio is too busy this week for us to get at the Avid.

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