December 2, 1996

Yesterday was the last day for Sundance to let filmmakers know that they'd been accepted to the 1997 festival, and I never got the call. Today the list of accepted films was released, and mine isn't on it. After checking my messages every day from New Orleans over Thanksgiving vacation, I'd gotten used to the idea that I wasn't going to Sundance, but it's still a little sad to read the press release--it's kind of like having a girl break up with you and then hearing about who she's dating. Ira Sachs, the fellow who first recommended Edith to me, is in the competition with his film THE DELTA, and Miguel Arteta, a friend of a friend who gave me festival advice at one point, got his film STAR MAPS into the Spectrum section.

I don't know exactly when Rotterdam lets people know when they've been accepted, but I imagine that I've probably not made that festival either. That would leave only Berlin among the festivals I've submitted to. I plan to send the film to a few smaller festivals during the next month.

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