November 22, 1996

Edith came into the editing studio tonight to dub a few of her lines in the yard sale scene. When we filmed the scene, Edith was working with a non-actor who was not given lines to memorize, and she bore the burden of keeping the conversation on track--she did a great job, but once in a while you could hear her scrambling. A lot of her lines are off-camera, and at some point it occurred to us that it would be easy to re-record a few strategic bits of dialogue.

I had only done a dubbing session once before, but Robin is an old hand at this sort of thing, and the session went smoothly--I think we succeeded in giving the scene a more conversational quality. It was sort of nostalgic working with Edith again, however briefly--she is the most pleasant and cooperative actor imaginable.

Robin is going away for ten days tomorrow, so we won't be doing any more work until December. For various reasons, we didn't work very much during November, but maybe that was as it had to be: we needed time to live with the rough cut and get comfortable with it, before the coming existential act of making the print and locking the film down forever.

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