February 9, 1999

After months of feeling not at all like a filmmaker, I was shocked today to get a fax from the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film, telling me that they want to show HONEYMOON.  A while back, they asked me to submit the film, having gotten my name from God knows where; I sent them a tape and didn't think about it again.  Today's fax says that the film will be showing in a non-competitive section that "focuses on malfunctioning relationships at the end of the millennium"!  Yes!  Too bad it's not competitive--HONEYMOON can kick any other film's butt when it comes to malfunctioning relationships.

The fax is hard to read, but I think the festival takes place at the beginning of April, which shouldn't conflict with anything.  At the moment I'm not planning to go (they didn't offer to pay for travel), but we'll see.  I can't find any information on this festival, and don't know what kind of reputation it has or whether this is its first year.

It sounds as if the festival plans to subtitle the film in Spanish: the programming director asked me for both a dialogue list and a spotting list.  I didn't even know what a spotting list was, but I found out: it's a list of all the film's subtitles, accompanied by the footage count at the beginning and the end of each line of dialogue, and the duration of each line measured in feet of film.  I think I'd have to pay a subtitling house a lot of money to make such a list; fortunately, it sounds as if Buenos Aires can do without the spotting list if necessary.

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