January 18, 1999

It took me forever, but I finally finished up the dialogue list that Mitchell Banks asked me for a while back.  I presume he hasn't had urgent need of it, as he hasn't gotten in touch with me recently.  This is the last job I have to do for him until he makes a sale, at which point I'll have to have stills and slides printed, and go back into the studio to create M&E tracks.

Activity on the film has slowed considerably in recent months, and I can feel my energy flagging after years of nonstop effort.  I'm still sending the film out to festivals, but I've been getting a little sloppy, skipping some festivals that I would have tried for six months ago.  I'm still hoping to get into the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, but having had so little luck on the circuit for so long has made me willing to pin my hopes on Mitchell selling the film and netting me enough money to move on to another project.  And who knows what's going on over there--his first two sales prospects seem not to have materialized.  I guess it will take a while to find out what I can expect from him.

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