February 17, 1997

I spoke to a negative cutter today, and learned a few unpleasant things. For one thing, the process might take considerably longer than I'd thought--apparently it's a busy time for post-production in New York, and there aren't a huge number of negative cutters in town. For another thing, the first part of the job, which is to go through all my video dailies and negatives and make a database of the correspondences, could have been taking place while I was tinkering with the final cut. I've wasted a week or two by thinking that I had to be all wrapped up before starting to cut the negative.

All along I've been assuming that I could finish the film in the period between being accepted to a festival and the festival itself. I'm now concerned that I may not be able to get a print ready in time for the April festivals even if I do get into one of them. I'd better start cracking.

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