January 11, 1997

After one full month of idleness, Robin and I went to the editing room and started work on what I hope will be the last round of revisions to the film. The changes we made were sort of fun--in addition to choosing a few alternate takes that seem to work better, we found clever, painless ways to remove a few bothersome moments. Another minute has fallen out of the film, which brings us down to 90 minutes.

There's not a lot of editing left, I reckon. I want to rephotograph one small shot, and I'm thinking about redoing the dreaded yard sale scene yet again. After that, maybe another screening to give us a look at the changes, and then it's time to cut the negative.

Late in the day, Robin ran of video copies for the Taos Talking Pictures Festival and the New Directors/New Films festival. The latter, here in my home town of New York, is practically impossible to get into, but everyone tries anyway.

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