January 13, 1997

There is a pesky shot of an E-mail message in my movie that has never been remotely readable on any screen on which I've shown the film. I have this CP16R camera sitting around my apartment, so after work today I went to Alex's apartment to borrow her laptop, on which the sequence was originally shot. Robin came over to my place later, and the two of us futzed around with the equipment for a while and finally reshot the shot. It was a real nostalgia trip to be exposing celluloid again, even in these reduced circumstances--I enjoyed saying "roll camera" and "speed" and all that stuff again at all the appropriate moments. Through the viewfinder, the shot looks very much improved--I hope it looks as good when it is printed.

I bought that damn CP16R a few years ago to make movies with, and it's never seen action: no one wants to work with such old equipment, and Dave Park managed to borrow an Aaton to shoot our film. I like the old CP16R myself, and now it has one shot to its credit.

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