July 13, 1996

It's a day off, and it's also the rainiest day of the Pennsylvania shoot. Good timing, I guess. I woke up very jittery about the way our pace has slowed the last few days: in the afternoon I met with the producers and the lighting people, and then painfully worked out a shot list for the next few days that would mimimize lighting changes. Robin, who arrived on location last night, helped me finalize the shot list; she's been my closest collaborator from the beginning of the project, and things always seem to go smoother whenever she can get away from her job and make it to the set.

At night, I went over tomorrow's scenes with Edith, walking through the rooms and working out her movements. It helps her a lot to make a physical connection with the set, to know the space ahead of time and to get comfortable in it.

On the way back to my parents' place, where I'm staying, I almost fell asleep at the wheel. I can't remember the last time I got more than five hours of sleep. Wish I could find a good radio station to blast while I'm driving.

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