July 14, 1996

We made a serious effort today to hold our ground on the schedule, but we got bogged down in the afternoon and finished with 10 camera setups instead of the 12 that we hoped for. It is certain now that we will use the extra day that we scheduled at the end of the shoot, and possible that we won't finish even with that extra day. And too many of the cast and crew have commitments after the 19th for us to stretch the production any further. I'm worried, and I'm trying to make other people worried.

Andy, the sound mixer, continues to be a source of problems on the set, and he and the producers had a blowout today that stopped the shoot for a while. He is demanding that we pay for two lost boom poles; the producers say that he lost the poles and not us, but he threatens to walk if we don't pay, and he has us over a barrel at this point. I'm trying not to think about it.

Dylan, Edith and I started talking about the upcoming sex scenes. The actors want to know if the movies have evolved ways of dealing with this sort of thing. Should genitals actually come in contact? What to do about erections? I made suggestions, but I don't know of any industry standards. I'm happy, though, that we had the conversation, and everyone seems to be going in with a good attitude. Dylan is sticking to his demand that his penis not be shown on screen; I wish I could talk him into a more relaxed policy, but I gave him the final say on this subject when he accepted the part, so I'll just have to deal with his restrictions.

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