July 15, 1996

Another busy day of shooting interiors. Despite our best efforts, we still managed to fall one more camera setup behind schedule. But I had fun anyway--we're starting to get into the juicy scenes, and it's exciting to watch the actors bring them to life. I have a tendency to laugh uncontrollably through scenes that no one else in the world finds funny. I don't know exactly why the minute traces of comedy in the script crack me up so much. The actors are slowly starting to figure out that my laughing doesn't mean anything bad.

One of today's scenes required a lot of kissing, and therefore a lot of makeup retouches between shots. I became a little worried that the last days of the shoot, which are heavy on sex scenes, will be slowed by makeup. In fact, I expressed this concern a little too directly, and may have hurt the feelings of Claus, the makeup artist, who is doing a great job. Anyway, we'll cross that bridge tomorrow.

At day's end, the actors and I looked at the storyboards to give them a sense of how exposed they would be during the sex scenes. Everyone seems as comfortable as can be expected under the circumstances. The three of us also did a pretty successful night-before rewrite of the oral sex scene, which I'd never been happy with even after my earlier rewrites. (During the discussion, Dylan requested that we call the scene something other than the "oral sex scene." Edith volunteered that she called the scene "strategies" in her analysis of the script. We eventually settled on "oral strategies.")

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