June 10, 1997

I called the lab today to find out what was delaying my answer print, which they were supposed to call me about last week. They said, "Oh, yeah--it's done. Sorry we didn't call you--we've been real busy. Come on in and look at it."

I called Dave Park, our DP, to see if he could come down from Boston (where he's been directing MTV's "The Real World") to look at the print with us and making timing suggestions to the lab. Unfortunately, he's tied up. Robin and I will have to interact with the timer ourselves, without benefit of a DP's expertise.

I'm going to have to make a video tape of the answer print to use for the sound mix. I started calling film transfer houses today--it looks as if the film-to-video transfer (called telecine) is going to cost about $600, which is far more expensive than I'd thought.

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