June 11, 1997

Robin and I went to Lab-Link today and saw the silent answer print projected. It was an amazing experience--the first time we've ever seen any of the film (other than the titles) on film, as opposed to video or digitized video. Computer editing is a great thing, but it creates this lengthy gap (a year in my case) between shooting the film and actually seeing it. Had we edited on film instead of on video, we would have seen the film projected as soon as we'd developed it.

The movie looks pretty good on the whole. The timer did a decent job of guessing what it was supposed to look like, though some of the scenes are too saturated with color for my taste. After the sound mix, we'll get to sit down with the timer and watch the film again, giving him notes on what look we want for each shot.

Our biggest worry is that the nighttime scenes probably aren't going to look like nighttime no matter what we do with the timing--there's just too much "moonlight" on the set. I suppose audiences will get the idea, but....

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