June 13, 1997

Bill Krohn left me a message today, saying that Marco Muller of the Locarno Film Festival had seen my movie and liked it. Nonetheless, Bill isn't optimistic about the film getting into Locarno--there aren't that many slots for American films, and Muller's compliment may have been more polite than enthusiastic. He apparently used the phrase "a fun film," which makes me wonder if he saw the right movie....

The fellow who is supposed to mix my sound track isn't doing a good job returning my calls, and I don't want to move on the telecine transfer until I get his advice. I imagine he's just swamped, but I'm getting weary of paying post-production people a lot of money and not having calls returned. I get the feeling that low-budget indie filmmakers are second-class citizens in the post-prod industry - a lot of money to us is not a lot of money to them.

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