June 19, 1996

We started looking today for a replacement for John Nuler, and met with one cinematographer, a likable fellow named Nils, who shot our friend Mike Gitlin's movie. I would enjoy working with him, but I fear that he may be a little too far along in his career for this kind of poverty project. We don't yet know what kind of DPs we can expect to get or how to find them, and we're going to have to learn quickly.

We met with and took on a script supervisor, a fellow named Jared who graduated recently from Williams. The list of crew members we need is getting smaller, but it still includes a gaffer, a boom operator, a makeup person, a costume person, and probably a grip.

I spent a lot of the day making for the actors a list of all the long takes I plan to shoot. Interestingly, I found out that there were eight long takes that are two or more pages of dialogue, and 23 long takes that are one or more pages of dialogue. This is certainly more than in most films. Long takes mean fewer camera setups and less time lighting, but they also mean more blown lines, more retakes, and more film stock. I hope the actors are good at memorizing dialogue.

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