June 22, 1996

Dave Park, just finishing up five months photographing MTV's "The Real World" in Miami Beach, agreed to come on to the project as cinematographer. He's a very nice fellow, and remembers us fondly from our interview with him three years ago for the Love Camp 7 music video. He is a little bothered by the prospect of working with our camera, lens, and tripod, and asked us to do what we can to find substitutes before he arrives in town in the middle of the week. I don't know if we'll be able to do this inexpensively. I feel bad that we can't give Dave what he needs to start the project without mixed feelings.

It's looking as if we won't find a costume person soon enough to help us select the wardrobe for the actors. Until today we've been pretending that we would have enough time to get all the crew we needed, but reality is tapping us on the shoulder.

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