June 21, 1996

John Nuler's situation remains unclear after his meeting with his wife Kit's doctors today. So we parted ways. We both felt pretty sad about it. If we can't get a DP by Monday, we can check in with him again to hear the latest from the doctors. But I hate to think of my state of mind if we don't have a DP by that time. I left a message with Dave Park in Florida and am waiting to hear from him.

Robin and I went to Guffanti Labs this evening and made a deal with them to develop our film and print our video dailies. I left them a big deposit to take care of the first batch of dailies. The project feels more real to me now that I've dropped a lot of money into it.

One of the last roles we haven't cast is the one I originally wrote for my Uncle Bob (see the May 21 entry). This little role is turning into a major hassle: I imagined the scene as a pseudo-documentary interlude and the role played by a non-actor. But I've had no luck finding an appropriate non-actor in Wilkes-Barre. Recently I put my father on the case, and he misunderstood me and offered the role to someone who may be inappropriate. Fortunately, the fellow didn't accept on the spot. Today Edith suggested an actor of her acquaintance to play the role, and he may read for us soon. I am wavering in my conviction to cast an amateur. After all, what do I know about directing non-actors? I guess I'll just see what fate offers.

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