June 25, 1996

As the start day approaches, my biggest worry is that we haven't nailed down the makeup situation. It's hard for us to find makeup people at all, and when we find them they tend to demand more money than we can pay. Alex and I are clashing a little on this issue, because I'm throwing more anxiety into the air than she finds comfortable.

In general, the expenses of the project are rising in these last days of preproduction. It's hard not to throw money at problems as you get down to the wire. I'm trying not to think about what's happening to the budget.

The producers and I went to the actors' homes today and picked out wardrobes with them. It was fun, even though I'm oblivious about clothes--any creative activity is a welcome distraction from production stress. Our systems for keeping track of the costumes are a little loose--hope we don't run into continuity trouble.

Unfortunately, Bill and Robin have gotten busy with their jobs and other activities, and Alex and I are handling most of the last-minute crises. It's hard to use production assistants to take the load off of us, because we haven't established a system of delegating tasks. I expect we'll be scrambling the next few days.

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