June 26, 1996

After a lot of frantic scrambling, Bill found us a makeup person who can cover the entire shoot. This was the last of the make-or-break crew positions that we hadn't nailed down. It looks as if we're actually going to make this thing.

I'm starting to shift into a different mode, thinking less about piecing the production together and more about what life on the set will be like. The idea of working with powerful and more experienced collaborators like Dave Park and Frank Stubblefield is a little intimidating, but I imagine we'll work out an equilibrium soon.

I had my last rehearsal with the actors today. Edith and Dylan are both in good form--the last two rehearsals have been pretty exciting, and I think we are ready.

I spent a lot of the afternoon running around Manhattan on foot buying expendables (items that will be used up in the course of production, like tape and batteries). This is usually a job for a production assistant, but we aren't organized enough to be able to delegate well. With luck, that organization will take shape in the first few days of the shoot.

Filming begins in two days, so these diary entries might become intermittent for a while....

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