April 1996

Well, we have a new month. I remember I came home from Crestview last May. I went in April and stayed a month. That seems years ago now. I would like to visit out there.

I have been putting away winter clothes. I'm kind of tired right now.

I hope all are feeling better. I hope each report is better than the other for all who have to take treatments. They are no fun but do help you.

I am listening to my radio. They have some real pretty songs and some so true.

It should warm up and the fields dry out in a week or so. It's been a long time since Easter was in April.

The trees are late budding and leafing. I looked out my northwest window and saw that the spray killed all my trees, but others will grow up. I may have some set out on the west side of the house. I can put cedars there. They will help. I may order some trees that are advertised for wind breaks. I may plant some blackberry plants. That would make something for me and the birds. The pecan trees are all dead.

I talked to Bess last night and she said they had thunder, rain and wind Saturday night and early Sunday morning. It looks pretty outside, but I haven't been out. I would love to go to town and attend church.

I talked to Carolyn Wallace last night. They are having to stay home and didn't even get to go to church.

Our prayer list includes Jim and Carolyn Wallace and Sandi, Neal and Carolyn, Bill and Stacy, Becky Parker, Bill and Ruth Harmon, Jenny Lee Leek, Mable Matlock, the Bond family and Billy Wayne Goodwin.

It's revival time again all around. All churches will be having them. Go out to all you can. It helps the churches to have visitors sometimes.

It's paper day already, and I have a new pill to take. Well it's raining out here.

They found all the people in the air plane crash.

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