The Selected Works of Mrs. R.V. Macon

Mrs. R.V. Macon writes for the weekly Brownsville, Tn. States-Graphic. She lives in a small, unincorporated community 7 miles north of Brownsville called Belle Eagle, and her column is ostensibly a chronicle of that area. But Mrs. Macon's regular readers have come to expect much more than just a gossip column. In these weekly musings, the reader often becomes a companion to Mrs. Macon's innermost thoughts.

My father grew up in Belle Eagle, Tn., and I have been an avid reader of her work for almost 20 years. I welcome the opportunity to introduce her to a wider audience by making a small selection of her columns available on the Internet.

My father usually just clipped these columns from the paper and mailed them to me, and consequently, many of the columns here are undated.

Donna Upton
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Well, We Have a New Month
I Heard That Our Church Service Was Good This Week
I Hope Everyone Had a Good Holiday Season
I Hope Everyone Had a Merry Christmas
The Farmers Are Still Working
We Certainly Had a Good Rain
Christmas Eve I Had the Children Over Here
Well, It's December