Christmas Eve I had the children over here and Christmas Day, Carolyn Mosier from Friendship came. She brought potatoes and cornbread.  Her mother also sent me cooked turnips and turnip greens. Carolyn also took some of my clothes to wash.  She has done that since I haven't been able to.  Pray for her and her family.  They haven't gotten over Neal's death yet.  It will take some time.  She keeps herself busy helping others.

I heard from Jim and Carolyn, too.  They called and said they were doing very well so far.  Sandra is doing fair.  I need to write her a letter.

Well, we had a little snow, but not too much.  Snow is pretty but also dangerous for drivers.  Everyone should slow down in the rain and snow and ice.

Christmas has gone by for another year and it's a new year.

I wonder if the astronauts had Christmas up in the solar system.  They are floating around in the sky.

Happy birthday to all the January people, as well as happy anniversary to those who will celebrate.  I hope all the sick are better.  I hope we have all found out how to vote the next time around.  I also hope all the kids enjoyed their holidays and gifts.

There seems to be a lot of meanness going on around us.  Maybe some of it was kids out of school with nothing to do.  One bad apple can spoil the barrel, they say.

We need to keep Becky Parker and Bill Harmon in our prayers.  Also remember the ones in the hospitals and clinics.  They also need our prayers, along with Debbie Cathey.

I believe we will never have peace and prosperity until we go back to the Bible and learn what our parents had.  God knows best.  If we keep his commandments, we will understand his love.  Also give him his tithes.

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