I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  We almost had a white one, but it didn't snow until Friday night.

I heard Sandra was going to Illinois.  I hope she made it O. K.  It would have been better if she had come to Brownsville.  Jim and Carolyn didn't get to come so I didn't go anywhere.

There were a lot of people out on the highways.  I hope everyone was careful and is still alive.

I had company twice last week.  I hope all the children had a good Christmas and got the right kind of toys.  I want to thank the one who brought my Christmas basket.  I didn't catch his name, but he knows who he is.  Everyone has been so nice during the holidays.

I was sorry Bill Harmon's sister was in the Jackson hospital.  Remember Harmon Lewis in your prayers.  He was sick, and I hope he will be well soon.

Some had Christmas dinners early, and others waited for Christmas day.  There were a lot of comings and goings--some to be with their children and some to be with their parents.  I hope the nurses had the day off to spend time with their families.  I really enjoyed listening to all the Christmas songs.  It would be good to have Christmas all year long and peace on earth.

Velma Wallace had her two granddaughters, Judy and Mary, and their family and the sister of Mary's husband and her grandson over December 20.  I think even some great-grandchildren came.

I had Justin and his dad Danny visit last week and bring gifts.  I hope Sandra had a good Christmas with her Dad and Carolyn.  I hope that Jamie Sue called her daddy or came to see him.  They may have snow in Illinois now.  I talked to Frank and Frances Sunday, a week ago.  I hope they have a good new year.

I keep hearing of more murders and robberies.  The churches are not full at services.  There is too much else going on.

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