The farmers are still working.  I guess they will finish soon.  If it were not for the farmers, we wouldn't have much to eat or wear, so pray for them that they can get their crops in before really bad weather.

I didn't hear of anyone hurt around here during the Thanksgiving holidays.  During the holidays, it's best to start out a little earlier than to speed on the highway.

Have your church take up money for the kids who are poor in Africa and other places.  God says lend a hand so let's remember the kids.  This year, do without one day and help a hungry kid somewhere.  Just a few nickels and dimes would help feed several kids.  How about it?

I got a card from Jim and Carolyn.  She said they wouldn't be coming until maybe before Christmas.  I hope he is doing better.

I am starting on my Christmas cards and trying to keep up with the days.  Kids, you better be good or you will be left out when Santa comes.  Study your lessons and learn.  You will soon be the ones taking over the businesses.  Always be kind, and you will go far.  Be helpful and people will look up to you. Please remember those who are sick and especially those in nursing homes.  Also remember the police, the nurses, the doctors, the farmers.

I was glad to hear Becky Parker had a good Thanksgiving.  I had a good one, too, although everyone is so busy they don't have time for visiting.

I hope the ones in care homes get a card or gift at Christmas.  Let every day be Christ's birthday and remember the reason he was here.  I hope everyone goes to church and takes their kids.  We should all go out and spread the word.

I was sorry to hear about the death of Grace Waldren at Crestview.  My love and prayers go out to Jackie.  It was good seeing Donna again.  We talked a long time.

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