We certainly had a good rain Monday night.  The weather turned cooler afterwards.

Jim and Carolyn came this Wednesday to take me to the doctor's office.

Well, we went back to God's time Saturday.  Maybe things will be better.

I hope the sick are better.  My prayers go out for those who have lost loved ones, especially to those who were in the car wreck in Jackson Tuesday morning.

It has been some beautiful weather for picking cotton.

Imagine my surprise when Jim and Carolyn came this Wednesday and took me to church.  They had a baby, and we went out and visited awhile.  The service at church was brought by the teenagers.  I really enjoyed the visit and church.  Try attending church.  It will lift your spirits.  The services give us new energy.

I was listening to the radio and heard Rodney D. tell about the Halloween holiday.  I am glad they are not having it in Jackson Christian churches, although we don't need to take everything away from them. Christmas and Easter are not evil holidays.  Halloween per se is not evil, but when it is carried out all the way, it is horrible and teaches kids how to do evil things.  So does television.

Little Katie and Harmon visited Friday night.  It was so good seeing them.

Keep Becky Parker and all the sick and hurting ones in your prayers.

If you show God you love him, he will help you.  If you don't, he will turn away.  Go to church every time you can.

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