I heard that our church service was good this week.

Farmers are really out in force, trying to get their cotton picked.  There are hundreds of acres to get out yet.  We raised corn and cotton both out here by the house.  We chopped it clean.  A clean field will kill the insects better than spraying it.  A disc around the edge will help , too.  I guess they will turn the
stalks under after they pick.  This enriches the soil.

People should take their children to Sunday School and church regularly.  Then they don't have time to do harm to others.  They should also go to church on Wednesday nights.  Everyone should spend more time at church instead of picture shows and ball games.  I only get to go once every two months.

I did not get any of the commodities.  There was so much it will last the others the rest of the year.  I can get my own, thank God.  I hope some of the real needy got some.  Maybe Carolyn will cook me some biscuits when she comes.

I guess winter is coming this week.

Please keep my nurse Rita's mother in your prayers.  Also my brother Jim.  We all need prayers, especially the farmers and others who are out driving.

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all who are celebrating this month.  If we reach out a hand to someone and give a smile to the ones we meet, we will feel a lot better.

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