March 9, 1998

I checked in with Nice Shoes this afternoon, and they told me that Ed had succeeded in getting my changes onto the D2 without punching any holes in the sound track, and that I could come pick up the tape.  This gave me pause, because I had still had one additional fix I wanted to make when we had our technical breakdown on Thursday night--I had been expecting that we'd resume our session where we left off.  I thought about it and decided that going to the expense of scheduling another session for this one tiny glitch would be silly, and so I just picked up the tape and paid Nice Shoes their $268.75 plus tax.  (From what I could here in the noisy room where they showed me the changes, the edit was completely smooth.)  But the unfixed problem bugged me anyway.  I've spent a lot of energy keeping myself in perfectionist mode for the last two years--it's hard to switch gears at the end and make concessions left and right.

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