March 10, 1998

I took a vacation day from work to finish and mail the grant proposal that I'd been putting off all month.  Before getting to that task, I walked over to ANS, a video duplication house, and asked them to make a clone (an exact digital copy) of the D2 to protect it against the rigors of mass VHS duplication.  ANS had previously quoted me the lowest price ($157.50) when I had shopped around for this service back in January, but today they tacked an extra $100 onto the price because I wanted to copy onto my own video stock, even though I had told them plainly about using my own video stock when I'd called them.  I left and walked to Ace Video, the second lowest bidder; but after a series of delays and confusions they told me that they didn't have the equipment to duplicate 94-minute D2 tapes; I lost confidence in the place and didn't even try to talk to the technician there who had told me otherwise.  So now I have to shop for a duplicator again, and possibly pay as much as $250 for the D2 clone.   Robin gave me a few new leads, which I'll try tomorrow.

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