March 25, 1998

Two boxes full of HONEYMOON VHS tapes, each with a label and cardboard cover and shrinkwrap, showed up in my office today.  (Apologies to the diary reader who wanted to help me by making VHS copies--a hard disk crash wiped out your name and address....)  At home, I looked one of the tapes over: the little defects on the soundtrack seem weirdly and unnervingly magnified by the VHS transfer.  But there's nothing so egregiously defective about the tape that I would go back and fight about it.  This marks the semiofficial end of postproduction, even though I hope one day to redo the sound track to reel two.  Now I have to start thinking about getting the film out into the world.  I'm going to have to force myself to bring the same energy to that task that I was able to bring to the filmmaking--a big part of me is ready to call it a day....

Bill has decided to put his producer's cap back on and help Donna and me organize a screening.  I've been talking to David Schwartz about arranging a date at AMMI--I'd been shooting for late April, but Bill and Robin will be out of town then, so we're now looking at May.

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