May 14, 1996

I met with Edith Meeks this evening to discuss the movie with her and to show her my storyboard. She had essentially told me on Saturday that she would play the lead female role, but for some reason I wouldn't allow myself to celebrate until she saw the storyboard--I was afraid that her concern about the film's nudity and sex might be too great. As it turns out, she is committed to the project, and the storyboard didn't seem to affect her decision. I'm really excited to have her in the movie.

The camera test for my Cinema Products 16mm camera was projected at Guffanti Film Labs today, and the camera passed with flying colors. This means that we can use my camera to shoot the film, saving a lot of money in rental costs.

I talked at length tonight with John Nuler, an old friend who will be coming out from Los Angeles to be director of photography on the film. In some ways it's a disadvantage to have an out-of-town DP, because so many preproduction issues would benefit from his expertise. But I enjoy working with him: he's a extremely nice fellow, and he has a film buff's sensibility, both rare qualities on a movie set.

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