May 16, 1996

I'm starting to get worried about not yet having cast any of the parts except the female lead. So we're bracing ourselves for more auditions, probably starting next Wednesday. We have a few people we want to bring back for a second reading, and a few other new possibilities, including four actors that Alex and I fished out of a pile of head shots at NYU film school today. I would never have gone near that forbidding-looking pile in my current overloaded state of mind, but Alex was made of sterner stuff. I wish I had a little bit more of that "why not?" attitude that Alex and Bill have - I tend to cut myself off from possibilities for lack of trying.

I finished my latest batch of rewrites, and I feel a lot better about the rewritten scenes. Bill, Alex, Robin and I are heading to Pennsylvania today and tomorrow to scout locations and meet potential film crew people, so no diary entries for a few days.

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