May 27, 1998

I carted my film into Zounds last week to check on the alleged damage to the print that marred the May 10 screening.  The sound guy there didn't hear anything wrong with the optical track, and I went in today to hear for myself that the track was clean.  When I called David Schwartz at AMMI to let him know, he told me that they had already determined weeks ago that a loose connection on the projector, and not the print quality, was responsible for the crackle we heard.  Oh, well.  It's good news that the print is okay--for now, I'm going to assume that the reel two sound problems and the pull-up problems aren't important enough for me to strike a new print.  And, if I had to pay good money for an imperfect screening, I'm glad that it was to someone who exhibits rare films instead of to an industry facility.

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