November 19, 1998

Turns out that Mitchell Banks did not like the synopsis I wrote for the back of the publicity sheet.  Without telling me the problem, he said he'd do the writing himself and instructed me simply to deliver to him fifty copies with nothing printed on the back.  Vaguely annoyed, I briefly considered trying to regain some control over the synopsis, but decided to let it go.  If I'm looking for control, I'm in the wrong part of the film world right now.  Assuming Mitchell ever sells it, HONEYMOON could wind up dubbed or subtitled by God knows whom without my participation.  Mitchell even seems to think that some Middle Eastern buyers might want to cut the nudity out of their video copy--a pretty amusing concept, really, as there wouldn't be a thimbleful of plot left with the nude scenes gone.  Maybe I'll be more upset than I realize if one of these scenarios comes to pass, but I suspect I'll be quite pleased if these mutilations result in my taking in enough money to start another project.  Anyway, my guess is that any TV station that reaches an art-film audience will probably leave the film intact.

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