November 12, 1998

I showed Mitchell Banks a color print of the HONEYMOON publicity sheet this morning, and he now likes it so much that he asked me if Jessica would do other projects for him.  I don't even want to know what caused him to reverse his original opinion.  Mitchell wanted me to write up a synopsis of the film to print on the back of the flyer; I faxed him an attempt later in the day.

Mitchell also gave me a contract to sign.  Without even looking at it, I faxed it to lawyer Bob Seigel.

In the afternoon, I got a call from a writer for Gallery magazine; he's writing an article on independent films and was given my name by the Independent Feature Project.  After making sure that I didn't mind my name appearing in a beat-off magazine (not his phrase), he asked me ten minutes of questions about the filmmaking process.  The article will appear in their April issue, but there's no guarantee that my quotes will be used.  I didn't censor myself very much--hope I didn't say anything I'll regret.

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