October 24, 1996

Robin called me at noon or so to tell me that she'd gotten access to the editing room for our final push to finish the Sundance cut. My boss Ann was kind enough to give me time off from work, and I went to Robin's studio at midday, where we screened the entire film for the first time. The middle section of the film was surprisingly solid, but the first half-hour of the film is quite slow, and will need more work than we can put into it today. Robin and I gave ourselves one hour to make as many changes as we could, mostly excisions to speed up the early sections. Then she started making the two tape copies that Sundance requires, while I went back to work. By 7:30, the process was finished, and we dropped our package off at Federal Express, with an hour and a half to spare. Barring any catastrophe, we should be eligible for consideration for January's festival.

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