September 10, 1998

I spoke to Barney Oldfield from Anthology's New Filmmakers series, and to someone at the Independent Feature Project, and it looks as if I can get my print from the film market to Blue Sky to Anthology with a few minutes to spare on either end.  So I called Jeff from Blue Sky and told him I could be in his festival.  Halfway through the call he looked up some info on my film, seemed to remember it, and started chatting with me about it, which made me feel better; I had been starting to get worried that he'd accepted it without seeing it.  I'll figure out in the next few days whether I can make the trip out there.

Jessica had an unexpected block of free time today, and starting churning out my design projects lickety-split: in a few hours she'd done a flyer, a front page for the press kit, and a poster, all very attractive.  The poster uses the same star-chart background as the postcard, and looks wonderful.  The only project left for me to do on my own is a business card; I think I'll just get a cheap predesigned one from a print shop.

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