September 11, 1998

The IFFM requires that I give them my print tails out (in other words, in a state where it has to be rewound before being projected; I guess they need to inspect the print first) or pay a $100 fee.  My print is currently heads out, and I've been looking around for a place to rewind the reels; when using the Anthology editing room was starting to look complicated, I called Lab-Link, even though I felt that I wore out my welcome there last fall when I was asking them to strike print after print for me.  I wondered if Tony at Lab-Link would remember me right away, but he surprised me by saying, "Dan Sallitt!  I've been reading your film diary!  I don't come off too bad in it, actually."  You just never know who's going to be reading this thing. (Hi, Tony!)  He didn't mind my bringing the print in and using their rewind, and the whole job took just a few minutes.

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