September 14, 1998

Looks like my lucky feeling about Sundance was misplaced; I got a letter from them saying that HONEYMOON was turned down for their competition section.  Apparently I'm still in the running for the American Spectrum section.  By that time, HONEYMOON will have had its American premiere, but I think that's okay as long as you're not in competition.

I wrote away for an application to the Belfort Film Festival in France, and the entry form came with a letter signed by Janine Bazin, who works with Belfort in some capacity.  Janine Bazin is the widow of Andre Bazin, the greatest of all film theorists and definitely one of the most important figures in my intellectual life; this year is the fortieth anniversary of his death.  I was thrilled to see her signature; I have this fantasy of going back in time and being part of that French film scene of the fifties.

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