August 6, 1998

This month's IFP newsletter arrived yesterday, a few days late as usual, containing the news that Sundance's early submission deadline is tomorrow.  It's been two years since my rough cut was first turned down by Sundance, and I wasn't sure that I was going to apply again this year, but the early submission concept is appealing in that I'll be notified by September 15 if I'm accepted.  And I'm feeling a little lucky lately, and $35 isn't much to I had the Sundance office fax me an entry form, and sent a tape to them via Express Mail this afternoon.

I finished a draft of my press kit tonight.  That was the biggest film market-related task that I had on my agenda; next I have to go through last year's market catalog and make a mailing list of all the companies that I need to notify of my market screening.

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