August 9, 1998

This afternoon I attended one of the Independent Feature Project's seminars on the upcoming film market.  The IFP panelists spent most of the two hours essentially urging the filmmakers not to be assholes in their dealings with buyers.  Which is probably a losing cause, if the question and answer period was any indication.  Other than that, there weren't a lot of tips passed around, but the message conveyed was that our films were going to be seen, regardless of how much effort we put into luring people to our screenings.

Finding the right star atlas for my postcards and posters is proving to be a problem--after some effort, I found a Norton Star Atlas in a used bookstore, but it didn't have quite the graphic style that I thought I remembered.  Maybe we can make the postcard concept work anyway; in the meantime, I'm haunting libraries trying to find an old atlas with the exact look that I have in mind.

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