August 3, 1998

David Schwartz, who helped me arrange my cast and crew screening at AMMI in May, called me today to tell me that he is now the head programmer of the Hamptons Film Festival, and asked me to submit HONEYMOON. Delighted, I called the Hamptons office, and the assistant programmer there (the same woman I dealt with when I was recommended to the Gen Art festival earlier this year) waived my submission fee and told me to send the film along despite the deadline having passed.  David saw the film at the AMMI screening and must have liked it; he says he can't guarantee that the committee will accept the film, but his recommendation will probably give my submission at least a little weight.

I wonder if I'm on a roll?  It would be cool if everyone were suddenly deciding that independent movies had gotten too commercial, and started looking for weirdo art films to give their festivals credibility.  Maybe I'll accidentally catch the wave despite my best efforts to the contrary.

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