January 27, 1998

After sleeping on yesterday's problem, I decided that I should screen the third reel of my film somewhere to see if the weird flashes I saw yesterday at Nice Shoes are on the film.  If the film is clean, I don't know how I'll get Nice Shoes to fix the problem; but I'll worry about that when I know what's going on.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a place to project: Film and Video Arts' projection room was available tonight, but they couldn't assure me that their projector wouldn't scratch my precious final print, and I decided to pass.

The Gen Art festival contacted me today, on Kent Jones' recommendation, asking me to submit my film.  Their deadline is Feb. 15, and I'd sure like to give them a good VHS copy instead of the old Avid-output copy that I have lying around.  I don't want to invest in VHS duplication, though, until I resolve the current problem.

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