January 26, 1998

My return session at Nice Shoes finally materialized today, now that the makers of Super Bowl commercials have gone home.  After getting off to a slow start because some switches had been set incorrectly, we had a fast, easy night--Lenny let me correct three problem shots that had bothered me the first time around, and the final product looked fairly blemish-free.  Then, near the end of the session, we saw some little flashes of light that marred the final scenes.  They weren't exactly like the optical track bleedthroughs that marred the last session--they covered the whole frame, not just the right side, and they were briefer and less frequent--but they were definitely noticeable.  Once more, the damage appeared to be on the film and not on the video tape; and, once more, I had never seen the problems at the Lab-Link screenings, though this time the flashes are unobtrusive enough that I can conceive of not having caught them the first time around.  I can't get enough perspective to tell whether this problem is a big deal or not, but it definitely had a bad effect on my mood as I carted the film and the video master home again.

On the bright side, I got a good price today from a duplicating house that Michael Gitlin recommended to me: $281 for 100 VHS tapes.  Because this company can make VHS tapes directly from my D2 master tape, I have to make a protection copy of the D2 before I send the original off to them.  All this will have to wait, of course, if I decide to do anything about tonight's problems....

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