September 16, 1998

I finished up all the materials for the film market today, and assembled all the press kits and postcards in the evening--nothing to do now but show up.  Like the photos, the business cards don't look as good as they ought, and make me wish that I'd put a little more effort into them.  On the bright side, the 24" by 30" poster looks great.  I was worried last night when I learned that Jessica's color choices didn't apply to the printing process we'd chosen, which meant that I had to pick new colors in a few minutes from an inscrutable chart without Jessica's assistance.  But the incredibly nice people at Katz Printing looked after the project, using their very good judgment to adjust my color selections.  A rare positive experience with the NYC business world.

What with design costs, postcard materials and printing, photos, the poster, business cards, folders, labels, copying, and stamps, my total expenses for publicity materials for the film market were $967.45!  I wish I hadn't added it up.  Oh, well--almost all these materials can be used for festivals and screenings for years to come....

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